Halloween Spirit

Hi everyone! I am happy to share my 2015 Halloween creations with you. The first one is for decoration and second one is an idea for a meal's side. 

I love the idea of using a pumpkin as a vase, so easy, colorful and classy. I am a fan of DIY and pumpkin carving but what I do not like is the cheap aspect it can get. This pumpkin vase makes a gorgeous and natural table centerpiece.

You just have to carefully cut the top of your pumpkin and make a small, medium or big vase. Also be aware that if you put water into the vase, your pumpkin will break so it's better to have a plate under. I bought these pretty fall colors flowers at Trader Joe's for $4 but for a bigger budget I would have loved to do a succulent pumpkin, find how to do them here

The second Halloween special is this Black and Orange side. A delicious, healthy and nourishing side for your Fall meals which will perfectly match Halloween colors.

Ingredients : 

- Forbidden black rice (I wrote about it here)

- Black beans

- Butternut Squash 

Cook your rice and butternut squash separately. Rinse your beans. Mix all the ingredients together.