Strong Spirit

Seeing a team coming back from a bad score is a true inspiration. I recently attended a very intense NCCA women volleyball game facing UCLA vs Michigan. How the Bruins came back after losing 2 sets will stay in my mind forever. It sounds a little dramatic but it's what it is, a lesson for life : never give up.

Let me remind you some volleyball basic rules : you need to win 3 sets to win the game and only 5 sets can be played. When your opponent has already won 2 sets you're in a bad position. Yes you can win the next set, but then you have to win the next one, and then the last one! It was so impressive to see how the UCLA team won these last 3 sets. So much energy, team work and good spirit.

I could see how they changed their mind coming back on the court after losing 2 sets. Every point was counting, every move was important. I was connected with their moves and it showed me how you need to be in control of what you do and give your best even when the odds of winning are not good. Actually they might not even have thought like this, they might have thought "we can still win this game". This is what made them great. 

I have already talked to you about how a powerful mind can change your fitness journey (here). I truly believe in this, you can have a strong body but if your mind is not there it's no gonna work. Your mind can lead you anywhere. 

Pictures from UCLA Exposure account.