Going Bananas

Banana is a delicious fruit and a high nutritious food. However bananas haven't always been part of my diet. I've avoided them for a while, thinking that they were too high in calories and carbohydrates. Which is wrong. A banana is about 100 calories, 23 g carbs which is more than other fruits but far from being a high calorie food. 

To me banana is the perfect snack, the high fiber content will let you full longer. And you can pack it so easily! 

I integrated bananas in my meals but I still give them a special place. I am more likely to have one on a workout day. Bananas are an excellent pre or post workout food because of their potassium content. 

And this fruit is an awesome base for many recipes. I've recently made a "nana ice cream". It gives creaminess to any smoothies or fruit bowls. So let's go bananas for banana!

ps : I love seeing bananas on their trees!