Simple Dinner

I am starting a new category on the blog "Simple Dinner". I am always looking for meals that can be made in a reasonable time and still be pretty amazing. So here I'll share with you my simple dinners.

What you'll need : 

- black rice

- cooked shrimps

- shredded coconut

- coconut oil

- lime

I love forbidden black rice, it's a nice change and it has many health benefits. Black rice has more antioxidants, protein and fiber than other rices varieties. For this recipe I simply cooked it with water. 

For the shrimps, I bought them cooked. I rinsed them before slightly covering them with unsweetened shredded coconut. Then I glazed the shrimps into 1 small teaspoon of coconut oil with a little bit of a fresh lime juice. I also let 1 slice of the lime with the shrimps to put on top of the rice.