Fruity Spring Rolls

If classic spring rolls are so fresh and colorful, their fruity version is even more! 

There are countless versions of fruits spring rolls but basically this is what you need : 

  • Rice paper

  • Base : rice noodles or calrose rice or just lettuce

  • Honey, mint and lime

  • Fruits of your choice (mangos are great, apples and nectarines too, especially if they're firm they'll hold better in you roll)

  1. Cook rice noodles or rice and let it cool.

  2. Have your fruits washed and cut in sticks when possible.

  3. Prepare the sauce with finely cut fresh mint, lime and honey (2 tsp for 4 rolls).

  4. Soak for 5 sec the rice paper in warm water.

  5. Start your roll with cooled base covered with sauce and assemble with all the fruits.