Chloé's Banana Bread

Banana breads are so good! I'm always looking for new recipes, I came across one which is perfect (+ refined sugar/gluten/dairy-free). And I am happy to introduce you to the talented blogger who imagined this recipe : Chloé from Bowl and Spoon.

Whenever you're looking for a healthy and tasty recipe you can count on Chloé's website. It's amazing how many dishes you'll find. Everything is so clear and concise! I am so impressed by Bowl and Spoon, you can see how dedicated Chloé is to her website. There are new recipes all the time and I love Chloé's snapchat (fitbychloe) where you can see how the recipes are done. She also has a fitness account on Instagram, and is an everyday inspiration.

Find the recipe for this dark chocolate banana bread made with coconut flour here. Chloé has so many banana breads' recipes that you'll want to try them all!