Trend and Style

This summer you were in love with lace-up bodysuits, Stan Smith, off-the-shoulder dresses, boxer braids and color mirror sunglasses. All of these trends are fun and cute. Why didn't you wear them last summer? Are you sure you love them or is it because you saw them on (all of) your friends? And where does that leave you? In a nutshell is it trendy to be on trend? 

I am so annoyed when I am crazy about a trend! I feel like it's not even a choice I make as if I liked it only because it's there and I've seen it on gorgeous women I want to emulate. I wish I had the idea to wear this before it was everywhere, but is it even possible? The principle of a trend itself is its ephemeral characteristic, that's why trends are maddening.

I have seen countless girls in the same place with "Boxer Braids". It was sweet because they were teenage girls and I get that at this age you are trying to figure out how you are and it's sometimes easier to be like everyone else. But for grown up women it's another story. The key is to incorporate the trend in your very own style. Total trend looks never work and make me very uncomfortable. Let's be careful with trends so we don't look like clones in front of a Starbucks pink drink. You know what I'm talking about. ;-)