Simple Mills Chocolate Mix

I have always stayed away from the baking mix. With Simple Mills it changed. For the first time I feel good baking from a box. Which seems perfectly logic since Simple Mills' goal was to "take the 'processed' out of processed foods."

Made from seven ingredients that I could have in my kitchen (almond flour is the main component) this Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix is both convenient and healthy. There is sugar in it (reasonable portion of 8g per serving), it is still a dessert. 

It is so nice to have a baking mix like this one when you want to bake festive sweets and do not have much time. With Simple Mills I know that I am baking something good for myself, friends and family. And frankly even if time isn't an issue this mix is so worth it!

One box is $5.94 on Amazon where you can purchase all Simple Mills products.


You have several recipes' options : muffins, cake and brownies. The proportion of oil/butter, water and eggs will differ according to the recipe you make. And you can also get very creative with this mix and incorporate it to your own recipes (I am pretty excited by this dark chocolate marble sweet potato loaf by Rachel Mansfield!) 

With one mix I made 2 different recipes : brownies and muffins. Both were delicious and very easy to make. I sprinkled the brownies with coconut flakes and hid pear pieces inside the muffins (best combo). 


I love this brand, I trust them and I am glad I discovered them. Thanks to Addie Martanovic, Simple Mills' social media coordinator, wonderful food blogger and human.