Healthily happy & happily healthy

Two springs ago I started sharing my vision of a healthy lifestyle with you. The Lala Story is 2 years old. There is no better day than the first day of spring to celebrate a birth. Or a rebirth.

The idea of this website is simple : showing you the beauty of living a healthy life. Visuals are my language (I mean have you seen this purple sweet potato?) and I want them to encourage you to cook good products. I want my pictures to be powerful enough to make you want to try the recipes. I know we are talking a lot of how Instagram is fake and how many people are not living/eating what they publish. The quality of my photos and the little food stylism I do is supposed to get you interested in the healthy food not to show off how amazing my plate is (not my fault if Malibu Farm food looks perfect ;-) 

Living a healthy life means many things. It definitely includes balance (I wrote about it here) and a lot of listening to your body. It's something I learned during these past 2 years. There is room for pizza and pies. If I don't show them it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I am very excited about discovering healthy and tasty recipes and this is what I will share with you because this is what this blog is about.

Finally I will tell you what the "Lala" stands for in The Lala Story! It is a reference to the city of Los Angeles. I feel like this place helped me a lot in being healthier. There are so many restaurants and shops with healthy options. And you always feel supported when being active! California is where I discovered yoga, the most important practice to me, the one which taught me how to breathe when being active (talking about it in this article). It is also where I ran my first 5K, 10K and 15K! I didn't know anything about college sports and I had the tremendous privilege to see the greatest female athletes play at UCLA. Along with the yoga teachers and the yogis' community, they give me the energy to pursue my own fitness journey. 

With these words I wanted to clarify The Lala Story mission statement : encouraging you to live healthily happy and happily healthy.