Homemade Almond Milk

I recently made almond milk for the first time. It is way easier than I thought. The only thing that was new for me was the cheese cloth. It is essential to make your nut milk. 

Homemade almond milk is creamier than when you buy it at the store. And you know EXACTLY what is in it.

You have to anticipate a little when you want to make some since the almonds need to be soaked overnight. The soaking will give you a nice texture and is very important to have a better digestion of the nuts, it increases the benefits of the nuts (more vitamins and good assimilation of the nutrients for you).

I recommend to put some sort of natural sweetener in your almond milk (like dates) otherwise it is a little bit bland. 

Putting the mix in the cloth and pressing it is my favorite part, I absolutely love to see the "milk" coming out!

Ingredients (for about 4 cups):

- 1 cup raw almonds 

- 4 cups water

- 2 pitted dates

+ you need a cheese cloth to strain the mixture

Directions :

1. Soak almonds overnight

2. Rinse almonds and mix them with water and pitted dates

3. Blend until smooth

4. Strain mixture in your cheese cloth on top of a bowl