Coco Pops

Any form of coconut makes me crazy... So when it comes to ice cream season (it might be all year long, I feel you) coconut milk is my jam. It has the perfect texture for a smooth vegan popsicle. 

I use unsweetened canned coconut milk which will surprise you by its dairy like creaminess. Then pick up your flavor! Plain with a lime juice is my favorite but blueberries, strawberries and mangos make gorgeous shades. You can add a little bit of agave in your mix for the sweet tooth!

Canned coconut milk is a good non dairy option but I would still use it in moderation and won't praise its healthy benefits as I have read mixed informations about it. 

It's so much fun to create your own popsicles! It's very simple and yet has a surprise effect when you remove them from the ice pop maker. I love the little wood sticks, so old school!