Have a Crêpe

With a large part of my family coming from Brittany (western part of France), crêpes have always been in my life. They are a traditional meal in this part of the country and are also very popular as a dessert in any part of France.

There is a way to make this treat a little bit healthier than the original recipe... Instead of regular white flour I used brown rice flour which perfectly worked for the texture. I substituted cow milk for almond milk. And I said bye to butter and used coconut oil for the pan. I kept the eggs but you could go eggless by replacing with a small mashed banana. 

Crêpes are always a hit. Seriously it is so simple and yet very festive, even in the kitchen when you flip your crêpe in the pan! 

Ingredients (for 10 small crêpes) :

- 1 cup brown rice flour 

- 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk 

- 1/4 cup water 

- 2 eggs 

- coconut oil for your pan 

Directions :

1. Mix everything and whisk until obtaining a smooth texture.

2. Grease your pan with coconut oil. 

3. Pour a small portion of your mix in your pan and make circles with your pan to have mix on its edges. Let it cook until you can flip it. Let the second side cook a little and serve.

I think that one of my guilty pleasure is to put nut butter and strawberry preserve on a crêpe. I guess it's the perfect blend of my 2 cultures : French and American!