Kite Hill

Kite Hill is one of my favorite brand for vegan yogurts and cream cheese spreads. Almonds are the base of these delicious non dairy products. You can't miss their beautiful packaging in the aisles of your local Whole Foods.

I didn't think I could find alternative dairy products which would be that good and have a great texture (especially the cream "cheese"). Their almonds are non-GMO and come from the San Joaquin Valley in California. 


Kite Hill sells cream cheese spreads (plain, chive & jalapeño), almond yogurts (many flavors + greek yogurts) and raviolis (I still have to try these).

The specialty of Kite Hill is to use traditional cheese-making techniques which makes their plant-based products exceptional. Their yogurts are very good ($1.99 each), the plain is perfect and has low sugar in it (5g for 1 container). I am also a fan of the blueberry flavor made with wild Maine blueberries.

Kite Hill's cream cheese spread ($6.49) is according to me one of their must. It is very hard to find a non dairy spread which work as well as this one. 

Kite Hill's containers are recyclable and I absolutely love their yogurts packaging. Their choice of font is so clean and I am very sensitive to the shiny almond on the top :) 


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