Brandless is a new online grocery store which sells every product for $3 (or less). No brand : that's the concept which allows them to cut the prices but not the quality. Their products are non-GMO and many are organic. 

I love how clear everything is on Brandless website. You know what you get. It makes me smile to think of them as Brandless, because they definitely are a brand :-) I instantly loved their clean design and color palette. I am a sucker for minimalism!  

Their simple packaging (yet identifiable) makes the goods cheaper. Most of the time Brandless is a good deal in comparison to the regular grocery shops. For each purchase a little bit of your money is donated to Feeding America, leading organization fighting against hunger in The US. 

For my first order I got $3 off shipping with the code hello3 (otherwise it is a flat rate of $9, still interesting if you think about the price of the uber you might take to bring back groceries home...) I got my package 2 days after I ordered and it was nicely wrapped (really appreciated the coconut oil put in a separate pouch). 

Time to talk about the products themselves. I bought 4 items : coconut oil, chamomile herbal tea, brown rice and quinoa. All of them are organic and have an interesting price in comparison to where I usually shop. The brown rice bag was $1.50 for 16Oz, the rest was $3 each. 

The coconut oil is amazing! It has every property I am looking for when shopping for coconut oil : organic, unrefined and cold pressed. I have been using it for oil pulling and I loved it. It arrived melted and stayed that way which is a plus for me. It has a delicate coconut smell and it was delicious to use it to grease my pan for crêpes

I am always having an herbal tea in the evening and I bought the Brandless Chamomile Herbal Tea. It is good and will satisfy chamomile lovers. The spearmint and the lemongrass add a nice taste to this herbal tea. One pack has 20 tea bags wrapped in a plastic pouch which in my opinion is kind of hard to open. Otherwise it is great and I will certainly buy their Organic Fruit Tea and Herbal Sampler Variety Pack next time.

Brown rice and quinoa are both very good. No earthy taste and perfectly clear cooking instructions on the back of the packages. It's not complicated to cook these but it is always nice to have the good water/rice (or quinoa) ratio. 

For my first order I really went for the basics and it was a total hit. I can't wait to try other Brandless products like their quinoa puffs or gluten free pancake mix. They also sell beauty products, household supplies and things for home (like really nice cooking utensils). And don't forget everything is $3! 

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