Primally Pure

Primally Pure is a great online brand which sells non-toxic skincare products. This is where I found the best deodorant I have ever purchased. This product is 100% natural and works to perfection. 

Their products' design is bright, clean, natural. The kind of packaging you never get tired of in your everyday routine.

The founder Bethany McDaniel created Primally Pure because she wanted to stop using toxic products which gave her no satisfaction. She worked on the formulas to create the best products made with recognizable ingredients


Why using skincare products made with natural ingredients? I want to have a serene and smart speech about natural beauty products. And it is not that simple since the scientific datas are not very clear on that issue. The common sense makes me believe that the less chemical products on my skin the better. But on the other hand I keep in mind that natural can mean many things and is not always safe either (not everything "natural" is good for you). What I love about Primally Pure is that the list of ingredients used in a product is short and clear and I can make my research on it. 


There isn't enough scientific research on whether deodorants with aluminium salts would increase breast cancer risk for example. But what I think is that until more evidence exists I will avoid using these regular deodorants. I have tried many "natural" deodorants and I haven't been satisfied with the results. The sensitive deodorant from Primally Pure has been a revelation. It does everything you expect from it. And beyond : it hydrates your underarms. It is expensive ($12) but worth it. 

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