Eating Evolved

Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups are delicious treats. Dark chocolate + coconut butter make the perfect combo and really satisfies the foodie inside you. 

The simplicity of the package reflects the simplicity of the products. Five organic ingredients to make your palate happy : coconut, coconut sugar, cacao, cacao butter and sea salt. You won't be surprised by the format of the cups since they just look like a Reese's cup or their healthiest version from Justin's.

Eating Evolved's slogan "Chocolate : it's food not candy" is full of promises regarding the nourishing content of their products. If you are on a vegan or paleo diet these cups are great. Eating Evolved cups are full of healthy fat and there is 4g of sugar per cup which seems reasonable for a treat.

One complaint : these sweet cups are hard to find! I found mine at Whole Foods (but not the one closer to me). So check out where Eating Evolved products can be bought here. A little package with 2 cups is $2.79. 


There are several flavors of these Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups (classic, banana cream, strawberry & cream, caramel & sea salt, mint cream, pumpkin spice).

My favorite is Mint Cream, I love the association! Who else is team mint chocolate chip? Because it tastes just like that...