Rosehip Oil

Why the hype about rosehip oil? This bright yellow oil has a great potential to be included in your skincare routine.

So what is it exactly? Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of the rose plants not from the petals like rose oil. It doesn't smell like rose at all, it is more like a natural nutty smell. I was not a huge fan in the beginning but I got used to it.

The oil contains essential fatty acids which can benefit your skin. It is therefore super hydrating. You can apply the oil directly on your skin or mix a few drops with your daily moisturizer.

Rosehip oil has other components like vitamins A, C and E which can boost collagen formation, brighten skin and reduce inflammation.


Rosehip oil is a good option for natural skincare and is worth the try for all its potential benefits. I have opted for the organic and cold pressed oil from Radha Beauty which seems to be the most basic rosehip oil you could get. But many brands offer this product now and the one from Pai seems to do a fantastic job.