Yoga Essentials

I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and I wanted to share my essentials with you to save you time and money. These items have been tested and approved!

1. First things first you need a good legging. It is not going to come as a surprise Lululemon wins. Their classic black high-rise tight is a must and will become your uniform for yoga. It is really worth the $98, it keeps its promise to become a second skin and is very flattering (meaning you can confidently wear it outside the yoga studio). It will last for a while even if you don’t treat it perfectly! NB: when looking for a legging for yoga be careful not to pick one with zippers on the back, it will be very uncomfortable to feel it while you lie on your mat.

2. Which brings us to another yoga essential : a Yoga mat. With all the options that exist It can be overwhelming to pick up a mat. I advise going with a 6mm mat, especially if you use it on hard floors. I have been extremely satisfied with the Gaiam mats. They bring comfort and grip and are a great quality/price deal. I use it a lot (like 30 minutes per day on average) and yes at some point it becomes damaged. It is just time for a change (once a year) which is a good thing regarding all the hot yoga classes it is going to! Gaiam mats do not disappoint, they have cute designs (and also plain colors) and are $24.


3. If you are going out with your mat you might want to add a strap to easily carry it on your shoulder. I have this adjustable strap from Gaiam as well. I spent a few years without a strap and it was pretty annoying to have my mat constantly rolling out while I was walking.

4. A proper yoga towel is absolutely essential if you are attending classes where you are going to sweat. No matter the quality of your mat when you start sweating it will become slippery. You might think a regular towel will work but not really… This one from Yoga Jaci does a great job as it is very absorbent. Extra tip to increase grip : sprinkle your mat with a little bit of water before putting the Yoga Jaci towel on top.

5. Last : a very comfortable bra. You do not need that much support for yoga and the most important is to have something breathable in which you feel free of moving. Avoid bras with hooks (same reason than for zippers on leggings). Old Navy activewear has excellent prices and nice products, like this $18 light support strappy bra.

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