Scrunchie Party

Scrunchies comeback is now a sure thing. I have one around my wrist as I am writing. And it is a new one, not the old school one you wore for dancing class as a kid or the one your mother used to wear in the 80s and 90s. I absolutely love scrunchies, I find them so fun and pretty. Besides being useful (let’s not forget that aspect of the scrunchie ;-)) they can be the perfect final touch to your look or completely steal the show!

I made my little selection below, Free People has a very strong scrunchie game, Urban Outfitters is not bad either. Click on the images to go to the page.

First question is : bow or no bow? I am a fan of the bow, especially when the hair is tied in a bun. I especially like it this way if the rest of the outfit is pretty casual, even sporty. I saw a girl at a yoga class wearing a scrunchie bow with a beautiful bun and it was the most perfect thing. It is not a surprise that Lululemon is selling them.

Then you have to decide on the fabric : cotton, silk, leather, velvet? It is almost like picking up an outfit (you also have to decide on size, mini or big?). I have a hard time resisting on a shiny silky scrunchie (we all have our weakness), you know the ones that are borderline kitsch!

Do you prefer it plain or with patterns? Floral ones are having a moment. Stripes are a safe bet. Feeling adventurous? Go for a leopard print.

Scrunchie, set, go!