Cool Pearls

This summer pearls seriously got a coolness boost in the jewelry world. I think it is the shell trend that got them here (unless it was the pearl barrette craziness?). Anyways we started seeing pearls differently. With uneven edges they appear updated and refreshing. They have this mermaid touch but unlike the shells -which are very literal- they can last when beach days are gone. Designs got very creative and light as if the pearls were freed from their conservative image.

Pearls are just magic and will always make you glow. Even when they are not the real deal.

You can find pearl jewelry pretty much anywhere you love to shop. Zara, Anthropologie, Baublebar have budget friendly options while Revolve has a very exciting pearl jewelry selection.

Here is my personal shopping, click on the images:

If you are really into pearls I feel like the next step is to invest in a pearl bag, after all it is just a new take on the beaded bag isn’t it?